19 Mei 2012

IN.Satuday (Instagr.am)


with M.J

Jakarta view from 46th Sudirman Park Apartment 


more than a half year, i was off for Instagr.am. and Finally i go back and make me very very productive for both photographing my products and anything else around me. You can follow me on account named : belindaregina .i often posted about Myurbey ,kind of the pattern , newest product ,another handmade and sometimes i posted about my self ,my pleasure hehe . I'm pleased that so many of you who loved my pictures when i posted : Couple Pillow with Moustache and Newest Villow . like i had no met my friend for along time and that is this application . i like to appreciate my work there ,don't show off but you have to appreciate the works of your own ,either maybe your skill for photography ,sew , knit , arrange the words or maybe your design work . so others will know quality of you . much to it ,it probably one of the media that you can use for free ..xo


4 komentar:

Tifa Pascariyanti mengatakan...

wow! nice caps ka abel! i like them..
happy saturday :))

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

hey Tifa .. Happy Satuday too :)
thank you ..


Febby Aurora mengatakan...

kak belinda you looks so gorgeous! :D


Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

*.* awhh thank you febby :p
padahal itu posisi sebelum tidur hehehehe