15 Mei 2012

Hug Villow (Vintage Pillow)

Villow (Vintage Pillow) back now to our hug .finally i've got the lovely pattern .both of The Green (with bigger flowers and baby cute flower pink) i take a picture from Application Camera+ on my phone but i guess and so sorry if the picture too closer with the object :) hope you like it
anyway if you wanna get and hug this special Vintage Pillow ( Villow ) you can get it here or check your Online Store on Facebook .

Contact Person :
phone and sms : 08567204644
phone , sms , & whatsapp : 08818173022
bbm : 22996A57
email : belinda_regina@yahoo.co.id
twitter : @myurbey
Facebook , Fanpage and Official Online Store : MYURBEY

.... anyway check our tab Events and know where the next Bazaar :)

Terima Kasih

Belinda xoxo Myurbey

2 komentar:

Ayu Maselli mengatakan...

Hello Belinda, so romantic!
I love vintage roses.
compliments ya

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

hi Ayu .. ya i love the vintage flowers too ,and so i made this pillow

VILLOW love you..