24 Mei 2012

Wedding Souvenir

2 weeks ago ,I've ordered for more than 2buyers and ask me to make something for her/him friend would married ,and i give my recommended Couple Pillow ,they agree and let's i make it .
after all the couple ready to sending one by one ,i seek this couple are unique as Wedding Souvenir :)
if you and your mate interest for this couple ,you can call me to request the size and the function ,if you wanna make this smaller ,you can make it as Key Chain ,if bigger you can message to me to make it like cushion cover .
hope the couple whose got this pillow were very happy :) i love you ...

contact person :
phone and sms : 08567204644 
phone , sms , & whatsapp : 08818173022
bbm : 22996A57
email : belinda_regina@yahoo.co.id
twitter : @myurbey
Facebook , Fanpage and Official Online Store : MYURBEY


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