24 Des 2011

Feliz Navidad :)

Finally my Lovely Christmas Come :) 

e-Card from Myurbey to You
for all Readers ,for all Visitors , for my Family ,for my Friends, and Special for Craft-Sister-Brother around the world ,Merry Christmas to You and absolutely your Family ,wherever you are ,God always Bless You and always Hug you like my Pillow :) 
I love you- Belinda

(now playing) 
Lovely Childhood with my Best Friend Winston Christopher :) We Sing and Dance for Christmas Eve 1998 (13Years Ago) 

9 komentar:

Aizyah Cute mengatakan...

Kak, Aku punya award buat kakak.
Buka ya : http://deardiaryaisyah.blogspot.com/2011/12/waa-waaa-seneng-bangeeettt.html

Love and Hug,

designer mengatakan...

Happy Xmas Belinda

rika daniel mengatakan...

Hope you have a great time with family :)

Nina/littleperky mengatakan...

Merry, merry christmas! I guess the christmas looks very different from here in Finland in indonesia :-).

Belinda Regina mengatakan...

aizyah .. Thank You SO Muchhhhhh :*

mba inaaa kuuuuu : terima kasih ,many good returns to you too ya :)

Belinda Regina mengatakan...

mba rika ,many Thanks :) love your time with Family too :)

Belinda Regina mengatakan...

Hi.. Nina ,Thank You for visit my Blog :)
nice to meet you ,yao very different ,but every Christmas always give me special warm :) absolutely for you
send me hug for your kiddos :)


gelitik mengatakan...

walaupun telat, merry xhristmas belinda
salam kenal yah:)

Belinda Regina mengatakan...

hi ... Gelitik ,ive visited your blog ,nice :)
and go go go crafting ya
Thank you ucapannya ,Happy Soon New Year :D