27 Mei 2011

Hair Clip (ribbon-handmade)

one week ,i always made the ribbon hair clip
I get a flannel cloth with a unique color, the colors gold. I bought a lot, so maybe I can make ribbon hair clip, but if I only make one color in it seems less colorful. So I add my favorite colors
ie :

- maroon
and color of cotton candy
- pink, light blue, and purple

~the Gold hair clip~

 ~Marron hair clip~

~cotton candy hair clip~
~back side~

price : idr 10 (for 1 Package -3 hair clips)
or idr 25 if you want all of them (3 Package - 9 hair clips) all color all type
*if you lucky, sometimes i'll give the surprise if you buy another my pillow ,or maybe tote bag, pouch, and another my handmade stuff*

if you want ,can message me to
or with me : 08567204644 | 22405B4B (blackberry pin)

thankyou and i hope my ribbon always make you day is : Good Hair Day

myurbey loves you

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