27 Mei 2011

PolaPocket (Photo Pocket)

yesterday night ,after I clean up my workshop
I see a lot of fabric remnants from me sew pillow
I thought, I'd better not throw these fabrics because it still works fine if I process them

I finally decided to make a photo or a like a Polaroid picture frame,but its different I want my colorful frame. I made ​​this and I was called PolaPocket
you can use it with 3 sizes : 4R, 5R, and 10R. To look more sweet, I attach a photo when I was 3 years

I made in 5 colors and 2 sides
portrait and ladnscape
The first color: green / pink
second: pink / yellow
Third: light blue / orange
Fourth: purple / blue
Fifth: red / gray (landscape)

and special : 
with colorful flower-ful frame 
*limited stock*

4R / 5R : idr 25
10R : idr 40

colorful flowerfull
4R / 5R : idr 35
10R : idr 50
size is bigger than the photos that you put

if you want this ,can message me to

08567204644 | 22405B4B

"put your photo in to the pocket"

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