27 Mei 2011

Friday Tote Bag #4 the Models

and so sad ,because this Friday without RamaDimas (my friend + my partner) always help me when our Friday come :) today ,i made a lot of The Model Tote Bag {friday tote bag}
The Model Tote Bag without Model (smiling) :D 

I've posted about this tote bag in a previous post, this bag was in No. 2 Friday Totes Bag
search another my tote bag here

price idr 50 ~ size : 35x38 ~ and materials : canvas 

more info and order ,send email to belinda_regina@yahoo.co.id
or call me 08567204644 | 22405B4B (blackberry pin)

*i love this picture ,i love this design very very much*

2 komentar:

vita@kriyalea mengatakan...

kereeen... modelnya cantik-cantik yah..

Belinda Regina mengatakan...

ahhh makasii mbak vitaaaaa :)