21 Okt 2012

Craft Day #3 - Tjikini - Report

tjikini . sedap rasa segala

lovely :)

my mom and me ..

sawo kecik . ideku handmade . myurbey . cemprut 

caffee latte

so sorry, so far i always too late for give the report about myurbey's activity , there is my last bazaar, maybe i called 'reunion' met with friends , from sawo kecik, cemprut , mba dessy , mba lia ,kak minggu , ideku handmade ,tante cle and another new friends .. lovely days Saturday and Sunday last month ,thank you for mba Antin Sambodo ,she took a lot photo of me and my class too ... see you next week and next bazaar ya .. maybe in November Myurbey will join some bazaar at kemang . kisses .muuuaahhh .xx myurbey

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