15 Sep 2012

Sew Up !! September "Patchwork Coaster"

Sew Up will coming to town this month ... after about 2 months ago ,last class at Semarang (you can see more photos here ) and this month will be held at Jakarta, rather i will explain further .. for this time will have 2 days to learn sew basic ,we will try to make 'patchwork coaster'  how to sew the fabrics to be nice form .this is a basic sewing .i hope you're interested .ps : same day there will also be a bazaar ,i will give you the information ,sooner ....  anyway ..note the date : 

29 and 30 September 2012 
12 pm - 2pm 
at Kedai Tjikini , Cikini Raya 17, Jakarta ,ID.
(near Post Office Cikini, in front of Menteng Huis) 

fee : Rp.30.000,- include materials and souvenir 

for registration ,please text to Mba Ati 081584317564 

see you there ,mate .Cheers Up..


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Ikuutt ya mba :)

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