31 Jul 2012

Report : Sew Up!! July at Semarang

i hope ,it's not too long to write a post about early July Sew Up!! Class at Semarang ( 5 July 2012) at Suara Remaja Office hihihi, more than 20days ,and i don't want to late about this special post ,my 2nd class except Jakarta after Bandung last month (June , posted here) and i'm so thankful i have a special chance to teach my class at my mother land 'Semarang, Jawa Tengah' .. 'wow .... finally !!!!' i said when i arrived there .. waiting time to see my new friends and whose interest with sew life too ..
actually ,this is our plan ,me and Mba Rani from Ekspresi Suara Remaja (semarang) she work there and i told her ,i have a plan to saved my holiday to Semarang and i wanna make my class too ,and she give me chance to make sew class at she office ,and absolutely i said "Yap .. setuju" we have one month to prepared all ,and finally the date has come July 5 ,2012 ,me and the awesome team work enjoyed and funny ,me with 25 another whose like to sew up !! and one of them ,a man !! wow ..... i forgot his name ,but i'm so appreciate he wanna join with us :) ...  big thanks for the team ,also make this event awfully funny and for you   was joined ,i love you all .... keep sewing at home ya .. special for mba rani ,thank you for the special chance too ....

see you later ,semarang :) xo
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2 komentar:

Malicka mengatakan...

Hi Belinda :)

Pengen deh ada acara workshop di Bandung, kalo pernah, lagi dong hehehe..jangan lupa undang malicka :)

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

malickaaa .. yuk yuk kapan kita buat workshop bareng untuk buat macam2 aksesoris .. semoga waktu nya pas :)

Belinda .xx