21 Jun 2012

Report - Sew Up!!! June 'Fabric Handmade Notes'

reporting time ,yeay .. this June Myurbey have 2 craft classes ,in Bandung and Jakarta
very happy and nervous , i don't know why but every i'm wanna go to the class time ,my heart always pounding ,because i will meet with new people .. huff .. but after i shared the materials and how to make 'it' ,running with natural .ya .. maybe now i began to enjoy my new job :) as Teacher ^.^
special thanks for Teh Intan from IntaNotes Handmade when Myurbey in Bandung for the recommended place and the good time and being my " Miss Sew of  The Month " ,Bandung very shiny and warm last week and for 'Admin Manis' Indonesian Crafter gave me the cozy place "Rumah Inspirasi Martha Stewart Living Indonesia"-Grand Indonesia ,Jakarta
thank you for my new friends there ,i love you all .keep crafting :*


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