30 Jul 2012

The Moustache Winner ...

early morning i'd announce whose the lucky ,while playing my iPod and listening Born and Raised album by John Mayer ,when i see the mustache i remember this singer ,you know John Mayer very beautiful gentle i guess .. are you also agree with me ?hehe..
glad to you the winners ,hope you like the special moustache giveaway in this July . send your address to my email 
subject : 'Giveaway July' 
i will random ,the gift but i hope you will enjoy with that stuff .big thanks to Cra.v.ing for supporting this giveaway .have a good last Monday in this month :)) 


image source : google.com

7 komentar:

Warna Warni mengatakan...

wah,,, menang ^^
alhmdulillah... senang banget...^^
Makaci bgt ya mba :)

saya kirim alamatnya ke email mba...

Warna Warni mengatakan...

udah dikirim mba. ^^
emailnya : misscova@gmail.com
sekali lagi maksi banget ya :)

asimetris mengatakan...

selamat buat para pemenang :)

Middy Stephanie mengatakan...

aaaa Puji Tuhan dapet :) thanks abel dan audrey. love you,both :*

Middy - Achter

audrey chandra (CRA.V.ING) mengatakan...

Love you all! ^^
Special thanks to abel, Myurbey :)

Sausan Hanifah mengatakan...

Wah itu namaku atau bukan ya, yang menang? Soalnya aku Sausan Hanifah bukan Susan Hanifah hehe

Tifa Pascariyanti mengatakan...

congrats for all the winnerrrs~~ ;)