2 Jun 2012

Sew Up!!! June in Bandung

are you ready for SEW UP!!! will coming to Bandung this Month ..
yeah..this month i will go to Bandung and meet my lovely Paper Carfter there : intaNote's Handmade , we will make together Fabric Notes ,the small notes and the cover from the fabric..
will be held at : (link posted about the place)

JustMine Pisang Ijo , Jalan Lodaya No. 8 Bandung
17 June 2012 - 15.00  WIB

fee : 50.000,- include materials , snack ,souvenir ,and surprise giveaway :)

for you stay in Bandung you can join us .
for registration : 08567204644 (abel )
bbm : 22996A57
whatsapp : 08818173022

keep follow myurbey on Twitter for next Update ..

kisses for me and miss. intaNote's


4 komentar:

eudora mengatakan...

i love the colour + design of it! ♥


Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

me too eudore .. thank you for comin'


bonbon mengatakan...

Love the name of your blog! Did you get it from how if met your mother and Barney always saying suit up!? Just wondering because I noticed that similarity. Very cute blog. Love how creative you are... Wish I had more creativity in me

New follower :)

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

hi Bonnie ,thank you for coming :)
everybody have a creative side ,i guess you have a side too . your blog so awesome too ...

keep touching :)