7 Jun 2012

Jakarta : Museums Trip

 trip to museum with my kiddo ,he is my little brother "Ferrel"
' Museum Keramik dan Seni Rupa '

Post Office 

Batavia Cafe (inside,down stare)

our special menu ,yummy .... 
the tickets 

one week ago me and my brother have a short trip to Museum at Jakarta , i just wanna let him know Jakarta not only for the builds and cars ,we can see another historical in North Jakarta (Kota) . he so excited when i said 'boy ... tomorrow we will go to museum" for a long time he waiting this time . from our house just 20minutes with public cars ( M08) Tanah Abang - Kota ,we went to 3rd museum there Fatahillah ,Wayang ,and Keramik + Seni Rupa ,and there didn't to being expensive , i just need less than Rp.10.000 for 2person (adult and child) to all there museums ,for you wanna go to Jakarta ,you must come to this area ,i love this place because almost there i found the old build .i ain't got the photo inside the museum ,because almost there too shaded and ya .. i'm too fear (hahaha.. i',m sorry) have a good trip fellas .. xo


2 komentar:

alex mengatakan...

The photos look great! I love visiting museums(:

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

thank you alex :) me too like to visited that museum hihihi