3 Mei 2012

Report : Sew Up!!! April and Inacraft 2012

i'm sorry too late to update this moment , we had a busy weekend .i love the craft ,and i think i've transmit the toxic for another ladies there .we made pouch with zipper and flower together and talking about anything ,we wanna have a new activity more than just a sew ,we wanna go to shopping together (hope we will try this month) . and many thanks many hug for special woman Mba Bimbi from Apuu Handmade ,that's my first time met her . she so mom-loveable .because i tell everything specially for my love-life (secret) we chat everyday now and we will have one booth together this month at Kemang (waiting for new updates bazaar) ,and i met with new members ,they very excited for craft like me 2years ago when i first time to sew and till' now i do .. thank you for comin' hope we can meet up !! cheers up!! and more than just a Sew up!!! next month ,because we will Make UP something by own self .. love youuuuuu .... 


anyway .. after the event we've went to INACRAFT 2012 at Senayan (JCC) wow ..... a lot (no .. but Full of all space with Craft ,Batik , Art ,Handmade ,and many more!) we met with Jogja Team booth (Mika Work , Hello Bleu , Ammi&Abi . with Mba Ria BagusBagus Wraping and IdekuHandmade booth) when i on their booth ,i said to my self "next year ,whenever it i'll be here")

*Selamat Datang Bulan Mei*

Belinda . xo

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bimbi mengatakan...

Thank you for having me :D
(peluk satu-satu dari jauh) XXOX

SawoKecik mengatakan...

sakses terus Abel ... ^^

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

mba bimbi dan mba pimpi ,many hug for you booth my inspiration
sampai jumpa bazaar di kemang

muah muah