16 Apr 2012

Handy Pouch

so far i always sew for Pouch ,yaah .. i have a lot of zipper and that's to short for my cushion case and the fabric too .so.. i spend my Saturday to make something cute from my workshop and i found the fabric the remaining materials from cushion (Roses) i made the 'Handy Pouch' .it's mean one shoulder , one pocket , one pouch you use for lovely event .you can bring you iPad here ,or a e-book ,and Sew Book too :) or you can bring when you go to Tea Party with your lovely folks :) i'm so happy when i see this Pouch ,not too large but so special ,maybe because the size ,or the fabric ,or maybe the zipper . i make with foam ,so if you put your gadget here will saved ..

anyway .. whether you have join with April Giveaway ?? read more here and get special cute bear there :*
and you can join with us to SEW UP!!! on April :) we will make 'Zipper Pouch' too :) read more here


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