22 Mar 2012

Quote of The Day

hi .. world ,this is my blog ,more precisely is my daily online book . so far ,because i like to read blog or find somewhere in around the world .finding the new things for me ,and get a new friend .thank you for you for reply all my email ,for visit my blog ,and be a friend :) there are still many shortcomings ,but i know it the way to process ,i wanna make my blog is a good blog so i can be your new good friend .share what i feel about my day / week and share what i made for my little store .
this is my quote ,i see from the place in Jkt with another word . 'a Good Book is a Good Friend' i remember and i change the 'book' word with 'blog' .blogger is not only for my spare time or totally for personal gain .but for me ,blog is about give something positive for your reader ,why ? because i always read the Good Blog ,and i think they will be my good friend .i see the Good Blog is not only for the layout ,but how the writer can make something different and make the reader so easier to get info ,and i become to followers a lot of the good blog ,because i can see another side ,another story ,and another paradigm .
so .. could we be a good friend ? ;) 


6 komentar:

kelimutu mengatakan...

wah, nice post. ofcourse Belinda. Blogger are all friends with each other. :)


Ikmalia Anindita mengatakan...

hugs belinda ^^

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

hugss you booth .xo

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) mengatakan...

I definitely agree!



Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

Thank you emma :) be a good friend


outbound malang mengatakan...

may god always give the best to you .. :)