15 Mar 2012


 new font for our next greeting cushion :) 
hi .. everyone :) time for launch my new season for Greeting Cushion , next month is 1year i made the Greeting Cushion ,and thank you my urbey's to loves this one ,this is one of 'Best Custom Made' in Myurbey :) i made special for whose wanna said something ( Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary ) in another place and i choose in Cushion, you can so made your own quote here .. 
i named it : B Font ,if you wanna order you Custom Made "Greeting Cushion" with the Newest Font ,you can note : B Font ( Font yang B) and i will print you words with this font :)
order info : (how to order) , materials : good quality cotton and handmade printed by hand .
contact 08567204644 or 22996A57 ,you can also send email : belinda_regina@yahoo.co.id


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Julia mengatakan...

Hi Belinda, thank you for visiting my blog. And i would be happy to include you in the my city series. let me know if you are up for it and then I will send you the details. would be really really great to have you on board as im really interested in Indonesia! Julia from zoorebellion

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

yeahh ... I will collect some of the best photo of my city and I will send email, can you give your email address? :)

hope we can meet in beautiful place in the world .x

chantilly mengatakan...

this is so cute! i love the font, and i love it on the pillow :)

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

hi chanti :) thank you for visited ,your official site very nice :)