20 Mar 2012

Full of Proud


today ,i'm being a part of : #365Adalahkita ,the movement to know 365 (1 year) full or gorgeous people of Art Industry in Indonesia . Crafter , Artist , Singer ,Designer ,etc . we made something for our Country INDONESIA . be the number 001 ,made me so proud .i got the mention @ twitter today . we have 227 days again to share about your act for Indonesia , so .. try to mention your recommendation or your self to become a part of them ! go .. start from your self .


next good news of today is :
INDONESIAN CRAFTER featured on Seputar Indonesia Tabloid ( Komunitas Side) 20th March '12 edition . very proud , because i know The Group is : boast . we purpose for just to know each other ,start with 20 account and now : 300 members . INDONESIA !! we have a lot of best people to make Indonesia so proud . thank you for your SuperSupport !!!! i love you all .. xo

Belinda // Myurbey

4 komentar:

Julia mengatakan...

congratulations! great exciting news!

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

hi Juliaaa ... thank you very muchhhh

anyway .I've reply your last email .and can't wait to see the new post hihiihih


honeysweety mengatakan...

wah makin eksis aja :)selamat ya

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

makasi makasi makasi makasi banget :) :)