12 Des 2011

Monday at The Farms

one day, on Monday I hope to get up early on a pillow farms,  with warm milk from cows plus the best sandwiches with peanut butter
owner of a large factory making all kinds of pillows, bags, and handmade. with all the funny and subtle pattern,a big sack of dacron and all started working happily on this Monday
-Myurbey's Dream

I hope you guys have any big dreams like me and let us fight for it. do not just hug a pillow to sleep and dream, because you must knit to looks beautiful. sew it so the dream was realized and completed

i love you the young and ready to dream and make it ! do everyday ,and pray every you weak up and before you sleep . xoxo

on Sale = Cotton + 40x40cm + include pillow pad + zipper 
contact person
08567204644 | 22996A57 

5 komentar:

Queen of Jumba Jamba mengatakan...

aduh lutunaaa gambar farmnya..

Mandanya Rafa mengatakan...

how can you always find cute stuff like this cushion pattern..? it's a gift I guess.. :D

Belinda Regina mengatakan...

jumba ... memang lucuuu ,seperti kingdom muuu ihihihih

mba manda .. ini hanya keahlian tangan dan mata + hati saat memilih iihiihih

Liku Layuk Allo mengatakan...

Cute pillow!
Slm kenal ya :)

Belinda Regina mengatakan...

Hi .. Peace of Grey ..
Thank You for comin' ,ive visited your blog too :)
so young n fresh .love it