15 Mei 2011


if yu wanna get one or maybe the package
you can send email to me
or text : 
08567204644 | 22405B4B (Blackberry Pin)
tell me what you want
Peace , Love or respect
you can choose the color fabric and the color of topping 

size : 35x25
price : idr 65 (1 pc)
if you buy 3 only : idr 150
I want to launch the logo of myurbey
I hope you like it :p
made from one font in the copy and looks like there are 2 fonts..

find another giveaway at The Picnic Girl 
don't forget t visit her blog ,i called her : mbak miya (hug kisses)

2 komentar:

Miy mengatakan...

cute pillows!!

The Picnic Girl

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Belinda Regina mengatakan...

mbak miyaaa ... aku udah ikutannnn hiihih
rules no 4 aku posting di sini yah ...
wish me luck :P