10 Mei 2011

c e m p r u t : secret project {giveaway}

giveaway giveaway giveaway
aku buat giveaway ,tp apa salahnya mencoba giveaway dr mbak ditaaa (c e m p r u t ) ihihihih siapa tau beruntung :P
kamu bisa tebak ,ini kan jd apa ??? cek disini

ini loh hadiah-hadiahnya !ada 4 WOW !!!!!!

baca baik-baik cara nya yah ,ku kutip dari blog nya c e m p r u t  (mbak dita)

1. i hope u remember about my "secret project" that i told u before, just check again click in HERE !!! some of the "secret project" is this giveaway goodies, their similliar each other rite. the question is:What do you think this "secret project" will be ??? ( 5 points)

2. from this 4 give away, which one do you like the most ??? give a simple reason :) ( 3 points)

you can get the extra point by do this things, let me know your each answer and your each notification with ur link on it in seperate comment :)

3. if u r my Blogger Followers :) if ur not already just click FOLLOW button :) (2 points) 
4. if u r my Facebook Friends :) if ur not already just add me in HERE :) (2 points)
5. if u r my Twitter Followers :) if ur not already just add me@aphroditawibowo :) (2 points)
6. if u put the "secret project giveaway" badge in ur blog :) (2 points)
7. if u make a post in ur blog about this give away :) (2 points)

make it done done before first June :) i will announce who's the winners :)

semoga beruntung ya kamu kamu kamu kamu (karena ada 4 giveaway ,jd kamu nya ada 4 ) hiihih semoga salah satu nya aku *berharap*

ayo langsung comment kesini

sekian laporan saya pagi ini 
selamat beraktifitas 

salam manis myurbey :)

2 komentar:

Luchie mengatakan...

hello, good luck for the giveaway. Btw I have a giveaway too, wanna visit mine? :D

Belinda Regina mengatakan...

aku ikutan aku ikutan ihihihi
wish me luck :)
ayo2 ikutan giveaway ku jg :)