21 Okt 2012

Private Craft Class on Anggi's Birthday

one night,Aunty Ira called me and ask me may i came to her daughter's birthday (Sunday , 7 Oct'12) and i said 'yes.. i doo' .at Kuningan ,Anggi's House and me as a teacher craft with nine girls and 3 kiddos make some sweet about craft ,for the sister (kids) i made just stick the flannels to the pouch ,and for the girls i teach how to sew a matryoskha on the tote bag ,need a lill bit the patient , because not all of them can sew ,even they can't insert the thread in to needle .. really test your patient but that's my new experience :) thank you Tante Ira ... :))

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Queen of Jumba Jamba mengatakan...

aaaw super creative young girls, i like (",)