19 Sep 2012

Vintage Pouch

finally i could finish my first project ,i really want to complete my pouch-task ,how to make a pouch with thick fabric inside ... villow pouch made from cotton and micro fiber inside so the pouch thicker than usual and also with hanging you can take it easier from the bag .uppss.. i will make the bag so .. waiting for the new one project ya ,sooner sooner ....  the size from that pouch : 20cm x 15cm x 5cm(d) ,seems enough for your make up ,gadget , or maybe another stuff . i am making this available for materials not depleted. so all of you've got one of them ,as well as the 2nd image .i'm more in love with flowery and i absolutely happy if you like my passion  .. you can get it here | Villow Pouch | Vintage Pouch - more info

with love.xx


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