7 Sep 2012


besides being crafter whose love the flowery pattern ,maybe i'd call my self 'Florist' ,i really love with soft flowery pattern i can't hold my ego to not to have them.. and florist not only for someone work at garden and string up the bucket ,but for me i can mix from rest fabric and make them be patch work ,and the first project i made them be Cushion case :) can you call me florist for these ? whooaa :)) 
i made the Lavender Bags too ,but that's not real Bag .it just named for lovely Love hanging .. you can use it as pin cushion , hanging chest ,buntings ,and another vintage decoration ( shop here ) also for buttons ,you can get the vintage florist buttons here (shop) for 1dozen handmade buttons .

linked to get them : Cushion | Lavender Bags | Buttons | Font Pillow 

say hallo to weekend ,and have a nice day to Shopping :) keep flowery .. 



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