24 Agu 2012

||||| s t r i p e |||||

(that's why i love stripe |||||||||||||| )

24 August 2012 ..
start my first day to lay on my workshop again ,sewing time ,packaging ,and sending too .my assistant did him job too ,he started to make something for you ,mate ..   we are from Myurbey's Family send regards for our Moslem friends , Happy Eid Mubarak 1433 H and happy holiday to you all my reader . I'd come back normally at 27 August 2012 ,but today today i make the stripe pouch in 3 colors ( black / red / blue ) ,you can get them on MY-online shop ( here ) . We will open to order all items ( while stock available ) for Ready Stock and Custom Made too . we still take on for you wanna give someone 'Pillow Talk' with Greeting Cushion ,and also for my special menu 'Villow' .Keep in touch with our Social Media ( Twitter / Facebook ) . we are just preparing for next bazaar , Sew Up!!! Sept and also Myurbey's Anniversary on Early October 2012 , still imagine ,trying drawing and making what's myurbey identity . this year myurbey turning 3years .. i'm sorry ,for this month we don't make some giveaway ,because this August too rush and busy at workshop.. maybe we will make a special giveaway in Next Month ( September Splash ) our theme .. but don't worry ,we have a hot info from Crafty friends ,they make Hot Giveaway for this month ,from Sawo Kecik and Miss Chesie .i also follow them to get each for there .. hopefully .. .. ..
as much as this ,i said thank you for you all my reader and visitor too .keep support us ..

Myurbey. xx

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eudoraa mengatakan...

awww very cutee! <3


Happybee mengatakan...

super cute Belinda!!!!
have a lovely week end!

TricaJus mengatakan...

berbagi kata kata motivasi gan
Dalam cinta, jangan menjadi NUMBER ONE dlm hidupnya, karena yg kamu butuh adalah menjadi ONLY ONE di hatinya.
salam kenal sukses selalu dan kutunggu kunjungan baliknya :D