14 Jun 2012

The Treasure (Blok A Tanah Abang)

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hi blogger ,this June make me can't move freely . usually in one week i can go to Blok A Tanah Abang two or maximal three times, just go there for refreshing hihi for use the fabric hunter ,if we just seek the newest pattern there and found the new place ,that's so like treasure . had several times , i went with my friend to hunting a lot of fabric and after that we can share with each members .very funny .. :)
lucky me ,my home not too far from the venue , i just go around 15-20minutes and walk 5minutes so i can hug the green build and the busier place in Jakarta i guess .. hyuff ... but when you turn come down to B2 Blok A Tanah Abang ,straight right under the escalator you can find the small place "Ketupat Padang Blok A" i can't told you how the good taste ,but after i got some fabric i just take my time to get some food there . (yum..yumm...)
many places to shopping the materials ,except there likely i'll go to Petak Sembilan (Kota) or Pasar Baru :)
how about your place ,where you go to find your favorite materials ? *share here


4 komentar:

honeysweety mengatakan...

belinda harganya berapaan? aq ke tanah abang ke blok E cuman ke beberapa toko kain.

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) mengatakan...

so many wonderful fabrics! :D

daydream frenzy

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phenyukerooo mengatakan...

i love pattern kak! >.<

ndutyke mengatakan...

"dimanaaaa dimannna dimanaaaa...." *nyanyi* ntah dimana bisa kudapatkan kain2 kek begini di surabaya ini -_______-