31 Mei 2012

on Media

This month so wonderful to me and Myurbey too .this month my 1st experience took a shoot for Media on TV ,Local TV in Jakarta .i'm so worried and make me always sweating as long as shooting time .. 
thank you for B-Channel (i forgot to take a picture with the crew) and Daai TV ,they are so make comfortable and enjoy with the1st show .. enjoy the Fresh Huggy-Fruity pillow ... 
thank you for Middy and Mba Lia keep watched me yesterday and take me a good photo ,because my tv received the signal so bad 
and also for Mother and Baby Magazine May Edition , for include my pillow to their magazine (owl edition) 
thank you so much :*

special for my Online Store on Facebook ,now more than 1000likes ,i capture it around 23 May 2012 (perhaps) .. thank you for keep Likes plus LOVE Myurbey .. i love you all ....


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