8 Apr 2012

life circle

sewing / eating / nails up / quality time

life circle and i always do everyday , 7 days 4 weekends , a month and full of year .but i always be happy to get time .hold my family ,work like a games .full nails art with shiny color and meet my new cousin ,omma ,and lovely friends .hope is always circle ,so i can feel the blessed oxygen everyday .hope you feels as like as me . and i have new activity is Share Love with Giveaway ,read more for April Giveaway here ,wish you luck..


8 komentar:

eudora mengatakan...

i love the blue colour of your nails! :D

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shaz mengatakan...

cool this what pretty much goes on isnt it i love the fact how women can multi task hmm keep it up

Ratri Sekar~ mengatakan...

aa suka sama foto2 nya mbak :D wish im the lucky winner ><

outbound malang mengatakan...

kunjungan gan .,.
bagi" motivasi
Saat kamu menemui batu sandungan janganlah kamu ptus asa,
karena semua itu pasti akan ada solusinya.,.
si tunggu kunjungan baliknya gan.,

Magical Day Dream mengatakan...

I love the nail color. So cute!



Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

Hi semua ,thank you for visited and leave step here .i love you all guys .
stay colorful your life too ..

hug and more kisses


Rach mengatakan...

i love your nail color! so pretty! but this color can never look nice on my skin color :'( sad

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

rach .. you must try shocking color on your nails . that's make mood booster . trust me :D