1 Mar 2012

Wedges Pouch {handbag}

 for you whose lost stock of / / I N D I A N A . B A G \ \ this is the short pattern ,i could only to make Wedges Pouch ,not to production of Bags more ..

3 zippers :) you have enough pocket in your Wedges Pouch ,baby .. 

(check one by one, choose your favorite number :D )

Wedges Pouch // Handmade Bag // 30x25cm (space 10cm) and with 3pockets ,flexible pouch .you can mix and match with another clothes (casual is perfect) .. This Fabric (no 1 and No 2) is Low Stock ,i just can make 4 wedges pouch later .. 
or your can contact me : 08567204644 | 22996A57 | belinda_regina@yahoo.co.id (for order/more info)

'March to The Mars'


2 komentar:

Aizzing mengatakan...

polka dots on the inside! i like! <3
you did a great job on this one also.

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

hi Aizza ... yaa me too ,i love Purple ,thank youuuu Aizaaa