13 Mar 2012

Cushions of March

so sorry for too late update my 'Cushions of The Month (March)' too busy for made another things ,and finally this design Done :) i really love the 'Domino' why i named domino ,because so far i always heard 'Domino - Jessie J' and i really love the Pattern ,the pattern name is : Chevron :) 

go to shop to get first : 

 Domino | size : 40x40cm . pillow pad .cotton . zipper 

 Blue Moon | 40x40 . pillow pad . cotton . zipper 

Birdy | 40x40 . pillow pad . cotton . zipper 

contact : belinda (08567204644 | 22996A57 | belinda_regina@yahoo.co.id )

middle week of March .cheers 


4 komentar:

Malicka mengatakan...

Bel, aku suka deh editan photo2 abel..simpel manis :)

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

makasi malickaaaa :) terharu :p

Julia mengatakan...

they are beautiful!

Belinda (Myurbey) mengatakan...

hii Julia :) thank you for visited ...
i love your blog ,i can see another good place in one page ...
in bahasa : Kerennn.... :)