14 Nov 2010

recycling of bottles

This weekend me and my younger brother Ferrel
we create a pencil holder from bottles
The first terbesit of duty protecting the environment so as not to waste too muchand we decided to take a bottle of mineral water used around our housewe really enjoy, and will make it even more

we only need 
ex aqua bottle
and zippers to open and close his
UHU glue
(You can also sew it)
please look and you'll easily make it:)
2 bottles cut to the size desiredthen paste / sewing zippers on both ends of the bottles that we cut
Be a pencil and very useful

you can use in addition to aqua bottles, maybe Cola, Sprite, Fantaor the other:)
good luck

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ruanghampaudara mengatakan...

blog lo keren dah bel haa..
banyak ide2 kreatif, seperti botol ini
teopebgte dah