23 Jul 2010

my necklaces arrived @ Netherlands yesterday

I'm glad I was glad I was glad
My necklace necklace that I sent about 10 days ago
finally arrived in the Netherlands, yesterday
how glad when I can email from my uncle there

now its time waiting for photos of them with my necklace necklace
I hope they like and they are very enthusiastic to my reseller necklace

 amen .. thank god

ini alamat nya disana ..... (diatas)

narsis dikit habis seger dan selesai semua pekerjaan kalung ... ihihihih

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xoxo - myurbey

2 komentar:

martha puri natasande mengatakan...

nah gitu dong, pake blogspot..hehee... congrats bel dah di belanda :)


hihihihih asik ... walau aku masi bingung pake ini deh :(
makasi mbak puri :bighug